This is the time of year when college students return to school, which can leave employers in a tough situation.  Although some retailers may slow down a bit, the holiday shopping season is just around the corner.  If you are looking for a part-time job to work during the school year, this is the perfect time for you to begin applying.  

One quick thought!  BEFORE you go out and apply, will you be participating in any fall activities?  You know, football, cross-country, band, or perhaps a club?  If so, then you need to decide which is most important to you.  Trying to do both will be very difficult.  Talk to your parent/guardian and figure out what’s going to work for you.

If you’ve decided on working, take the next two weeks to apply to as many stores as possible.  Don’t get discouraged.  Stay positive and persistent.  A few quick job search tips:

  1. Go alone (unless a parent/guardian or older sibling is going with you)
  2. Dress professionally (khaki’s, button down shirt, shoes, neat hair– no scarves-hats-hoodies)
  3. No visible electronic devices (phones, iPods, etc..)
  4. Go earlier in the day
  5. Bring your own pen (blue or black ink only)
  6. Bring three (3) references with you.  (Have their permission, name, title, address, & Phone number)

Good luck!


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