New Job list

If you are still seeking employment, click on the “current job list” tab to view the updated listing.  

A few reminders:

  1. Make sure that get approval from your parent/guardian before applying for jobs.  Find out the latest time that your parent/guardian will allow you to work.
  2. Are you a member of a club or fall sport?  Talk to your coach or club advisor to confirm how much time is required to participate.  If you are not available to work  nights and weekends, you should wait to do both. 
  3. Your grades are your first priority!
  4. Make sure that you have transportation to and from work.  Do not assume that your parent/guardian, friend, or other family member can take you. They may not be available.  Always ask first.
  5. Make sure that you have three (3) professional references such as a teacher, coach, advisor, or mentor.  Your references should not be  classmates or family  members.   Please ask each person if you can use them as a reference BEFORE you list them on your application.

Good luck in your search!  Remember….PREPARATION!!  :0)


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