Old Navy

The manager from Old Navy (The Walk) contacted me to tell you that she still has positions available.  As reminder, to apply, you MUST be age 16 or older.  You MUST apply online at:  www.gapinc.com

Old Navy will require you to complete an online survey/assessment.   To be considered for employment, you MUST successfully pass the survey.  PLEASE allow yourself at least 60 minutes (one hour) to complete the survey.  To make sure that you do your best, please do the following:

1. READ each question or statement carefully.
2. If you don’t understand a question, re-read the question and use a dictionary if necessary.
3. When you respond to the statements, think about if you owned Old Navy; how would you want your employees to    treat your customers?  remember stores are in business to make money.
4. Make sure you have your references. Your references should be adults who ARE NOT family.  The best references are teachers, coaches, advisors, counselors, spiritual advisor (pastor), or former employer.  You will need the name, address, phone number, and title for each of your references.  Ask for permission BEFORE you use anyone’s name.
If you get stuck on the application, save your application, email me and I will send for you to help you complete your application.

If you really want to work, use your spare time this weekend to go to employers and apply for jobs. 

Good luck and enjoy your weekend!

Be Safe!

Mrs. Cain


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