New Scholarlship Bulletin

The new scholarship bulletin is out.  If you have plans to attend college or a trade school, you need to look over the list EVERY time it’s published.  What’s the big deal???  The big deal is that scholarships are FREE money.  Money that you do not have to repay.    Okay.  You don’t like to write essays.  I get that, but there are things that I don’t like doing but have to do them anyway.    All of which is a part of adulthood.  You’re on your way to adulthood; take the good with the bad. 

Follow the link below and read through the lists.  If you meet the minimum requirements, APPLY.  You may end up being awarded the scholarship by default.  What does that mean?  It means that you may have been the only applicant, so you win the $$.    Ask your English teacher to look over your essays; they’ll help you to perfect it.  Be sure to give your teacher time to look it over.   Good luck and remember to “Think Forward!”

Here’s the link:


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