Earn Extra Cash!

I know that there’s a large number of you who need  cash now.  Whether it’s to buy needed clothes, a phone, iPod,  or help out at home; the need is there.

If you aren’t afraid of a little hard work, tomorrow (Monday) is a good day to earn cold hard cash.  How?  By shoveling snow!  Yes!  You read correctly.  With a forecast of over a foot of snow, the possibilities are endless.  Shoveling snow is hazardous to the health of an elderly person.  Also know that some adults just don’t like shoveling snow and will pay an honest and hardworking teen to do the work for them.   Trust me.  On several occasions, me and my husband have paid teens to shovel our driveway.  So here’s what you do:

  1. Ask your parent/guardian’s for permission
  2. Get your hands on a good shovel
  3. Find a partner to work with you; you’ll cover more ground quicker and the potential to earn money is greater
  4. Get up and out early tomorrow (before 10:00 a.m.)
  5. Walk your neighborhood or a nearby neighborhood to find customers
  6. Remember your manners!  Be courteous & respectful.  Tell them why you’re want to earn money.  College, help out at home, buy a car or whatever the reason.
  7. You can shovel the walkway to small businesses, a residents walkway or even clean off cars
  8. You will be asked how much.  Be reasonable but be open to negotiate.  There’s no set fee because it really depends on how much show you’re shoveling.
  9. Ladies…. this mean you too!  Shoveling is not just a “guys job!”  If you need money for your hair, nails or something else, this is a good way to earn the cash.
  10. Who knows… you may land a job offer because of your willingness to do manual labor.

Remember… hard work pays off.

Good Luck and have fun in the snow tomorrow!



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