The Winter Job Outlook

Many of you are still looking for jobs.  But now that the holiday season has come and gone, consumers (you) don’t have the extra cash to spend.  This is the time of year when you often ask me why aren’t there any jobs.  There are several reasons:

  • The economy has not recovered and businesses profits are still down.
  • Workers are still loosing their jobs.  Since September 2010, the gaming industry (casino’s) have eliminated over 2,000 jobs
  • For the first time in over 20 years, the local police and fire departments have laid off workers
  • Unemployed adults are now applying and are being hired for the jobs that students traditionally worked
  • Since adults are unemployed, they do not go to stores and buy. They only buy necessities (food, etc…)
  • When customers don’t visit stores and buy, the stores (like The Walk) are slow.  Businesses cannot afford to pay workers to just stand around and do nothing. So they reduce your work hours are lay you off.

So what does this all mean to you?

  1. The job market is competitive – If you want to complete, MUST RESPECT the job market and job hunt with a vengeance.  You MUST present yourself in a PROFESSIONAL MANNER.
  2. You MUST work hard in school to earn good grades and maintain good attendance.  Your REPORT CARD can be even more effective than a resume.  A good report card is PROOF that you are a hard worker.  Showing a potential employer your report can HELP you get hired.
  3. Network!  Network!  Network!  Let everyone you know that you’re need a legitimate job.  Tell your teachers, your friends, your friends parents, administrators.  You can post it on your facebook page.
  4. If you are a strong swimmer and you are 15 or older, get your lifeguard certification ASAP.  If you don’t know how, contact me and I will help you to get certified. We’re at the Jersey Shore and there is always a need for  lifeguards.
  5. Speaking of Facebook  KEEP it POSITIVE!   Avoid profanity and attacks on others!  Avoid explicit photos.
  6. Speaking of Facebook- Use it to seek out employment.  Facebook company’s that you would like to work for… you’ll be pleasantly surprised what you find.
  7. Volunteer at a local United Way agency.  You may luck up and meet a volunteer who can help you land a job.
  8. Participate in community organizations such as Atlantic City PAL (Police Athletic League) or The Boys And Girls Club of AC.
  9. Brush up on your workplace readiness skills, so that when the opportunity presents itself, you can take advantage of the opportunity.
  10. Learn how to complete applications now.  Brush up on your interviewing skills.  Consider writing a resume.
  11. Attend AC Pal’s Ready-to-Work workshops that are usually held in March.  I will post registration forms, dates, and times as soon as I have the information.

To better prepare you for the spring/summer seasonal recruitment, I’ve been thinking about conducting a few workshops in February & March but I don’t know if you’re interested in attending.

Do you want me to hold workshops on completing job applications, interviewing, resumes, and references?  If so email me at and tell me which workshop you’re interested in.

Finally, if you’re 18 with work experience and have senior release or know of a parent/guardian looking for work, Caesars Entertainment has a few openings.  Check it out at:




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