Scholarship Bulletin Update

REMINDER:  Seniors– In June you will be graduating high school.  Juniors your senior year will be here sooner than you think.  Sophomores and Freshman–  this means you too; it’s never too soon to apply- just read through the list and you may find a few to apply for now.  

Your college expenses will cost more than you can imagine.  Take the time now to apply for EVERY scholarship that you qualify for.  There is never enough money to pay for school.  Unless your parents are independently wealthy, you SHOULD be applying for scholarships; they will thank you for doing so… trust me! 

An updated scholarship bulletin is now available. Read through the list.  Highlight all that apply to you.  Complete the application process and apply ASAP.  Don’t procrastinate.    To check out the latest scholarships available, click on the link below:

+Scholarship Bulletin 02-14-11 (Adobe)


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