PUMA Outlet Opening in Spring

For all of you PUMA lovers out there, you will be happy to know that the PUMA Outlet is coming to The Walk.  I still don’t know the exact location at The Walk, but the arrival of PUMA is advertised on AC Outlet’s website.

All positions are available and although I have not spoken to a representative from PUMA, the minimum age requirement will probably be age 18.  With that said, if you are at least 17 and will turn 18 by the summer, I recommend that you apply anyway.

To apply, simply send your résumé to:  ilynn.metz@Puma.com   If you do not have a résumé, click on the “résumé” tab on this page and download a résumé template.  Use the template to type your résumé.  Give your résumé to an adult to proof it for you.  You can email your résumé to me at tcain@acboe.org or you can have one of your teacher’s look it over, BUT someone should proof your resume before you send it off.

More questions?  Email me and I will send for you.

Good Luck and enjoy your extended break!

Mrs. Cain  :0)


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