Job Listing Update

Hello all!

Although this weekend is the official start of our summer at the shore, there is still time to land a summer job.  This morning I did a quick search and a found a few more businesses that are hiring. 

Please keep in mind that after you apply for any job that you must follow-up with the employer.  Most employers are overwhelmed with hundreds of job applications, so if you follow-up in person, doing so may increase your chances of getting a job offer.  A simple in person follow-up is visiting the store in person (dressed professionally) and asking for the hiring manager.  Then you politely introduce yourself with a firm hand shake and say that you are checking on the status of your application.  This will give the hiring manager, supervisor, or sales staff an opportunity to get an impression of you in person.  There is never a guarantee that you will get the job, but this can help.  

Below is the job list, which has a few additions.

Job Opportunity List 05-27-2011 (word format)

Job Opportunity List 05-27-2011 (pdf)

Have a productive, safe, but fun three-day weekend!

Mrs. Cain


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