Current Job Opportunities

Good Morning!

I know that you all have been looking for an updated list, but as you guys know, the start of the school year is hectic.  This week I called around and checked some of my favorite websites and found a few opportunities.   Please keep in mind that the economy is still sluggish and employers hiring based on their needs not yours.  

On the updated job list, please note that “The Walk” is now “Tanger Outlets.”  Also be mindful that the jobs listed are not the only jobs that are available.  Smaller mom and pop stores are not usually listed because they hire few students.   If you have an interest in working at a particular store and meet the minimum age requirement, go ahead and apply.  Job opportunities change overnight and your timing may be perfect.

Anyway, WELCOME BACK!  I hope that you all had a fabulous summer and are geared up for the 2011-2012 school year.   As you go through the school year, hold on to the fact that, “I can’t do it, never accomplished anything.  I will try has performed wonders.” – Will Rogers   Work hard in school, try to stay focused, and please know when to ask for help.  

Below is the job list.

Good Luck!

Current Job Opportunities 9-13-2011


Mrs. Cain



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