A new look!


It’s me, Mrs. Cain.  From time to time I like to switch things up a little, so I changed my theme(color and layout).  All of the information on this page is the same, it has just moved around a little.  You know, similar to a job application.  You’re asked the same questions but the format varies.  Well, it’s the same here.  If you are looking for the job links, they are now at the bottom of the page.  Simply scroll down and you will see them.

Meanwhile, I want to encourage you to keep your grades up.  The spring will be here soon.  When spring arrives, employers start to advertise and begin seeking seasonal workers.   A good report card and good attendance will show employers that you are a hard-working student, which can greatly increase your chances of receiving a job offer.

You should also take this time to work on a résumé and your professional references.   Regardless of the amount of experience or education you have, many employers require applicants to include a résumé with their job application.  Click on the link above to get a template (sample) resume.  You can also find appropriate templates (samples) using Microsoft Word.

You should have three (3) professional references, who are not related to you (non family).  The best references are teachers, coaches, club advisors, and guidance counselors.  With the exception of your guidance counselor, you spend more time with the others than anyone else (outside of family).  Ask for permission before using anyone’s name.  Also ask for the correct spelling of their name, job title, and a phone number to where they can be reached.

If you have all of this information ready for the hiring seasons, you will be ahead of the game and well prepared.


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