Be A Lifeguard


Sparkling Pools Services is now recruiting for summer lifeguards!  If you enjoy swimming and are at least age 15, you should apply for this opportunity.

Sparkling Pools will visit Atlantic City High School  on Tuesday, March 13th & Wednesday, April 18th in  Cafe A & B.  Stop by their table to discuss this cool summer opportunity.  

To learn more about becoming a lifeguard with Sparkling Pools you can also call 1-800-426-5580 or visit them on-line at

The summer is just around the corner.  If you fail to plan now for a summer job, you most certainly will not be employed this summer.  The job market is tight and you are now competing with unemployed adults who are all to happy to accept jobs that are typically filled by students.

Don’t procrastinate!  Get moving!


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