Why you’re not getting interviews?

“Mrs. Cain, I’ve filled out a lot of applications, why am I not getting interviews?”  Is a question that I am repeatedly asked by students.  The fact is, there may be a number of reasons why you don’t receive a call back. Below is an article from www.snagajob.com that answers the question. As I read the article, I found myself nodding in agreement, which is why I am sharing this with you.  Read on…

Why am I not getting interviews?


I'm not getting interviewsIf you’re not getting called for interviews, then there is probably one of the following things going on:

1) There’s something wrong with your resume or application.

The first thing I recommend is making absolutely certain that your applications have proper spelling and punctuation.  Hiring managers typically ignore applications with spelling mistakes. Have a friend look over your applications and resume to catch errors you may have missed.

I know this tip seems ridiculously basic, but every resume has mistakes (including mine) and having someone else look it over is a great way to catch errors. I was checking a friends resume and caught that he’d listed the wrong email address because “l” and “I” looked similar in the font he was using. Even if they wanted to hire him, he’d have never heard back!

Grab the person you know who always sends great emails and corrects your grammar, and ask him or her to take a look at your application; trust me, it’s worth the effort.

2) You need to follow up on the applications you are submitting.

Follow up on your applications! Hiring managers are probably getting a lot of qualified applicants, so following up with them can help you stand out from the crowd. Call or email four to seven days after you submit an application to follow up. The one thing we hear most from members who have been hired is that following up made a huge difference in their job search.

3) You aren’t a good match for the jobs you’re applying to.

Either you aren’t applying to jobs you are qualified for, or you don’t have the availability employers are looking for (many people don’t realize how important availability is). Don’t waste time applying to jobs you won’t be hired for. Use your time wisely and apply to jobs you might get hired for, and follow up on those applications. You’ll get much better results and avoid job hunt burnout from applying to endless job openings and never hearing back.

4) You need to apply to more jobs.

Applying to enough jobs is keyIn a highly competitive job market, sometimes  it can take a lot of applications to get a lucky break and land in front of a hiring manager at the right time.  If your applications have been edited and checked (by you and a friend) and you know you’re a good match, just keep applying and following up. It might take time, but it will happen!

*Photo Credit: Zach Klein

Why am I not getting interviews link 


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