Job Fair Reminder

The Steel Pier is hosting a job fair this weekend!

Where: Resorts Casino
Starlight Room –
Near steakhouse dining level

When: Saturday, April 14th- 10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday, April 15th – 9 AM – 4PM

Who: Anyone age 16 or older


1. Arrive early!
2. Bring your resume.
3. Bring your own blue or black pen & a notebook with you.
4. No jeans, sneakers, hats, hoodies, electronic devices, pants hanging below the butt, or gum chewing!
5. Make sure that you have the names and contact information of references who ARE NOT related to you.
6. Remember your manners!
7. Do some research about the history of the Pier (online).
8. Be prepared to tell the interviewer about yourself.
9.You MUST be available to work nights & weekends.
10. If you are asked about working papers, tell them once you receive a job offer, I will issue you the papers.

Ok. My fingers are tired of typing this on my phone! ;0)

Good luck & enjoy the remainder of your break! I will see you on Monday!!

Mrs. Cain


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