New Job Opportunity List

Finally, a new Current Current Job Opportunity List !  This list does not include EVERY job that is available in Atlantic City.  However, it does include employers who typically hire students for seasonal jobs.  I am sure that there are more employers who are hiring, but it is almost impossible for me to contact all of them. My recommendation to you is that you use your time after school and/or weekends to apply for work.

You should also know that I spoke with several managers who asked me to remind you to make sure that you complete your applications thoroughly.  Incomplete applications will not be considered!   I will gladly check your applications for you.  That is AFTER you’ve tried to complete the application.  Do not bring me a bunch of blank applications.  You should be able to complete the basic information such as name, address, phone number, etc…  Oh!  On more thing.  Please DO NOT have your parent/guardian complete your application!  You need to practice so that you learn how to complete a job application.    If you would like me to check your application, stop by my office during home room (with a hall pass from your teacher) and leave the application(s) with me.  After I review your job applications, I will send for you and then I will show you what needs to be corrected on your application.

To review the latest list, follow the link below.  Good luck!

Current Job Opportunities 4-30-12



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