Job requests


Welcome back!!  I hope that you enjoyed your summer; I certainly did.   I am feeling refreshed and energized and I hope that you are feeling the same way too.

Since school has started, I have already received requests for the job list.  If you plan to work during the school year, before you begin your job search, I ask you to consider the following:

  • Do you have your parent/guardian’s approval to work during the school year? Do they know that you want to work? Have you had a talk with your parent/guardian about work?
  • How challenging is your schedule this year?
  • Will you  need a tutor to help you pass a particular class?
  • How much time will you need to commit to daily homework assignments?
  • Do you plan to participate in a fall sport or club? How many days per week is practice?  When are the games played?
  • Do you have reliable transportation to and from work? If you are relying on someone to transport you, have you asked them or are you assuming that they are available to take you?  You should ask…

If you have considered all the above points, you have your parent/guardian’s approval, then there is one last step that you should take– getting organized to balance and manage your time.

To help you get organized, I’ve listed a few sites below.  Take some time to check them out. –

Okay, so most of you just want to know, where are the jobs?”  I know.  Lol!  You don’t want to read a bunch of “stuff,” you just need to get to the job information ASAP.   Guys, don’t forget.  I am an educator AND a mom.  I would not feel right if I did not say the above.  :0)

Below are a few websites to check for employment opportunities. – You should register with this site

Lastly you should be pro-active in your search.  Don’t sit around waiting for the updated job list.  Get out there now and apply!  Go to Tanger Outlets (formally known as The Walk), McDonald’s, KFC Taco Bell, Dunkin Donuts, The Pier at Caesars (food court area).  Visit the smaller local mom and pop stores in the area–they rarely advertise, but may need a part-time worker.  If you have transportation, go further out to the Pleasantville area.

If you apply for a job online.  After one or two days, visit the store in person to “check the status of your application.” An in-person follow-up will increase your chances of getting hired over a phone call.

I will update this page and the job list as soon as possible.

Good luck and best wishes for an exciting, positive, and fabulous new school year!

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