Scholarship Announcement


The Atlantic City/DC Connection is proud to award a $1,000.00 scholarship to a deserving Atlantic City High School student of the graduating class. The scholarship recipient personally receives $1,000.00 upon proof of enrollment in an institution of higher learning.

To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Be a resident of Atlantic City and of African American descent;
  • Be an accepted student at an institution of higher learning;
  • Type or neatly print, a minimum of 500 words in essay format, on the topic: “What growing up in Atlantic City has meant to me and how it has shaped my future goals and endeavors?
  • Submit a copy of “acceptance letter” along with Scholarship Application Forms and essay;
  • Include name and address of the school you plan to attend in the fall
  • Deadline:  All forms must be submitted by March 15

         Mail to:

        Atlantic City/DC Connection c/o Braithwaite 7502 Foxcroft Ct. Clinton, MD 20735

Essays will be judged based on substance and details provided in addition to the overall quality of grammatical skills. The scholarship winner will be notified by April 15.

Contact persons in Atlantic City are Art Valentine 609-742-0125 and Cortez Martin 609-344-0610.

Contact persons in DC area are Mrs. Dorita Ford Braithwaite (301) 856-2658 and Ms. Judith Barnes Trotter (301) 423-1788.


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