Scholarship Bulletin

Hello all!  (especially you seniors)

If your immediate plans after high school graduation (only 7 months away), include attending college, you MUST get acquainted with the guidance department’s Scholarship Bulletin.

The bulletin is available in the guidance office, on the high school’s web page, and here at this site.  So, there’s no excuses about not accessing the list.

You might be wondering, What’s so special about the scholarship bulletin?”   Well it’s quite simple… MONEY!!    That is money to help fund (pay for) your education.   For most of you, your parent/guardian are not independently wealthy.

You cannot expect them to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for school without you contributing.  You can contribute by applying for every single scholarship listed that you qualify for.   Will you win every one?  No, but every dollar that you win, will help lower the amount of your student loans that you will be required to pay back after graduation.

Whatever you do, don’t procrastinate.  Set a goal to apply daily.  You can also search scholarships on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Yes– you can!  Just type in the word, “scholarship” in the search field, and you will be surprised what you find.   Ask your English teacher to look over your essays because a well written essay is very important to winning.

Anyways, below is the link.  Although this list is short, the list grows longer into the school year.

ACHS Scholarship Bulletin

Good Luck!


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