Do You Wana Make Some Cash?

How hard are you willing to earn some extra money?

I know that many of you are desperately seeking part-time jobs. However, I must remind you that Atlantic City is a seasonal town Translation…  Jobs are more plentiful during the summer months. Why?  The tourists are visiting casinos, enjoying the beach, and shopping at the Tanger Outlets and The Pier at Caesars.

Those visitors generate jobs, so this time of year (the winter), when fewer visitors patronize the city, fewer jobs exists.  Once the weather breaks and business picks up, employers will begin hiring again.  Until then… What can you do??

Get your shovels ready to shovel walk ways.  Many elderly residents and local businesses need clean walk ways.  “If” school is closed tomorrow, get up early, grab a friend (ladies this means you too), and offer to help someone shoveling or knock on the door and offer your services.

Pleeeeeease remember your manners!!  “Good Morning!”  “Good Afternoon!” If someone declines an offer to pay you, you have two choices:

 1.  Shovel the walk way anyway (especially if it an elderly person). Consider the gesture a “random act of kindness” or “community service.”

2. Politely and respectfully say, “okay” wish them well and move on to the next place. DO NOT get offended if they cannot pay you!  They may not  have the money to pay you.  Remember there are adults who are needy just like you.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is,

“What are you doing for others?’”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Have a great day!  Be Safe!

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