Job Fair!

Good Morning!

I don’t know if you saw online yesterday that the Golden Nugget is having an Emergency Job Fair this week!

You MUST be at least 18 years old to apply.  Although many of you do not meet the age requirement, I know for a fact that you may have family who are desperately seeking work.  So please pass this information along.

If you are old enough to apply, bring your “A” game because the competition will be fierce. Unemployment is high in Atlantic County and full-time jobs with benefits are hard to land.   I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t leave you with a few reminders:

  • Dress to impress! (NO jeans, sneakers, hats, hoodies, scarves, visible electronic devices, etc..)
  •  Bring extra copies of your résumé (If you need resume paper, I have plenty of resume paper just for you)
  •  Make sure that you have three (3) professional references (people who are not related to you).  Teachers, coaches, advisors, and counselors make great references.  Ask permission before you use anyone’s name.
  •  Check your slang at the door!  No employer will hire you if you cannot speak properly.
  •  Don’t lie or omit (leave out) information on your application.  The truth will be revealed in your background check.
  •  Be pleasant!  Smile!  Say “thank you,” “good morning,” “good afternoon,” and “have a nice day.”  It matters!
  • Maintain good eye contact.  It matters!

Below is the link from the Press of Atlantic City.

Golden Nugget Job Fair

Wednesday, February 26th &  Thursday, February 27th

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Newport Room, 4th Floor

Good luck and have a great day!

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