Why Should I Hire You?

Many of you are diligently and successfully completing job applications. Applying for the job is just the first of several steps to hearing the magic words, “You’re hired!”

Preparing for an interview is an important step that you should take seriously.  I stumbled on this short video, which was created with you, the teen, in mind.  I think it’s cute and has great advice.  Even if you think the video is corny, pleeeeease, listen to the message!  It’s good stuff that can help you. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why Should I Hire You?

  1. Hey Ma Cain, this email reminded me that u was suppose to reach out to u to c if u had a scholarship list you could email to me. This at yr is so different then when Lamar graduated. Thanks for your continued support.Sent from Xfinity Mobile App

    • Hello! I didn’t forget you. The bulletin is delayed right now. The person who puts the list together is transferring to another department and someone new is going to be responsible for the list. As soon as the list is ready, I will send it to you. Thanks for visiting.

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