Now Hiring!!

  Minimum age to apply is 16.  Opening soon! 


9 thoughts on “Now Hiring!!

      • Hi Shaidiyah! I am not sure if they’re still hiring there, but I still suggest you apply anyway. When new stores open, there is usually a high percentage of turnovers (firing & the resignation) of new employees. I will take a look today and scout around to see who else is hiring. Also… The first and second week of August, many college students leave the area and return to school, so continue to submit employment applications. Make sure that you have at least three professional references (adults who are not related to you) and that you fully complete your application. If you don’t have a resume (I think you do…), download a template from this site. Although school is not in session, if you email me your resume, I will look it over, suggest changes and return it to you.

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