Job Opportunity List

Greetings and Happy Friday!

Below is a partial list of job opportunities in the area.  Although the list is not fully completed, I am still publishing it on the hopes that you are able to apply for jobs this weekend.

Note, if a company you wish to work for is not listed, I encourage you to go ahead and apply anyway.  Many companies will not begin filling holiday positions until the middle or late October, so applying early may be to your advantage.

When job completing applications, please remember to bring an extra pen, a notebook, your résumé, and the names and contact information of three (3) professional references.  Only take a parent/guardian or an adult with you.  Don’t go with a group of friends; many employers frown upon groups of teens applying for jobs.

Dress professionally.  No jeans, sneakers, hats, hoodies. Oh and one more thing, PLEASE put your electronic devices away! If you have a question, click on the “contact me” button and I will receive your email.

Current Job Opportunities_Sept_17_2015

Good luck and have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Cain  🙂


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