Current Job Opportunities


I know that many of you are actively looking for part-time or seasonal job opportunities, so I put together a short list of current openings in the area. As I learn of new opportunities, I will post them at this site.  Please follow this page and you will receive updates.


Please remember that the job market in Atlantic City is tight, especially for teenagers. The Taj Mahal Casino is scheduled to close on or about October 10, 2016, and will result in around 2,000 employees out of work.  Many of the employees are looking for employment in the area, so you are competing for jobs with experienced adults.

If you expect adult-like treatment, you must present yourself in a professional manner.  Specifically…

  • Use good grammar & avoid slang
  • Dress professionally – no jeans, sneakers, hats, hoodies, visible electronic devices or pants hung below the waist
  • Cell phones are off & visible electronics, including ear budds, are not visible
  • Hair should appear neat and clean
  • Remember your manners! “Good Morning,” “Good Afternoon,”  “Thank you,” “Please,” “You’re welcome” are all expected.
  • Do not chew gum, eat or drink
  • A friendly smile goes a long way and shows that you are friendly
  • Bring copies of your resume
  • Keep your application neat (not folded and wrinkled)
  • Use blue or black ink
  • Follow up in person after you submit your application

If you need help to complete a job application or assistance to prepare for a job interview, please email me at

will NOT see you without a proper hall pass.

Good luck!  🙂



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