Atlanticare Explorer Program


As a high school student, you should explore career options and begin to visualize your life beyond high school.

Atlanticare has a wonderful program, Explorers, for high school students to learn about careers in the medical field.

Beginning October, 19th,  Explorers’ meet once per month, 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Each session is focused on a specific  career track.  October’s topic is Radiologist. By the last meeting, May 17, 2017, you will have learned about ten (10) different careers in the medical profession. How cool is that?!  Best of all, the program is FREE and is open to ALL high school students.

If you are interested in participating, download the brochure and registration form below and bring it with you to the first meeting.   If you have additional question, you may email me at or request a hall pass from your teacher to see me.  My office is located in the guidance department.



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