Shovel For Dollars!

img_6421-1Hello!!  I know that some of you are looking to earn extra cash. Well, today is perfect to do just that. Rarely does AC get the kind of snow that it’s getting today.  I am confident that there are some folks out there who don’t want to shovel or maybe they physically cannot shovel.

Gather one or two good friends, get a couple of shovels and knock on business or residents (neighbor’s) doors to ask if they would like their walkway shoveled. Remember to smile, be friendly and courteous.  You can even name a price but be sure to suggest fair prices.  If you are told no, PLEASE do not get offended because they may not have the money to pay you. If the person is elderly, I encourage you to shovel their driveway anyway.  Shoveling for free is good community service, and it’s a nice way to give back. Also, you will feel magnificent for performing a good deed.

Good luck and enjoy your weekend!



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