Welcome to the AC High School’s, Student Jobs Career and Information Center!

I am Mrs. Cain; officially the Job Placement Coordinator, however some students refer to me as “The Job Lady.”   The purpose of this site is to give you better access to employment opportunities, to give you resume assistance, preparation for job interviews, and to provide you with links and resources that may help you to choose a career and more.  My goal is to continue to expand the site to help you during high school years and to make the site more interactive.   Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the pages and then give me some feedback.  YOUR feedback is very important to me and will help me to improve this site.

All comments will be reviewed before being posted.  To post a comment, you must register.  Please be respectful to others comments and inquires.

Ability is what you’re capable of doing…
Motivation determines what you do…
Attitude determines how Well you do it.
— Lou Holtz

Thanks for visiting!

Mrs. Tanya Cain


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