Whether you are interviewing for a job or interviewing for college, I cannot stress enough the importance of preparation.  If you are an athlete, you prepare for a game by training and practice.  If you are on the debate team, you prepare through practice and research.  The same philosophy applies to preparing for the job or college interview.

To stay competitive, you  should always do the following:

  • Use the internet to research the company or educational institution for which you are applying.  Find interesting facts about the company/institution that the general public would not know, such as the year the company was established, the number of stores in the country, or your knowledge about a new product or new service.   If  you do good research on the company, during your interview, you will look smart and impress the interviewer.  The interviewer will know that you researched the company/institution and are serious about joining the company/institution.
  • Bring a portfolio containing extra copies of your résumé, certificates, awards, accomplishments, and samples of any creative work that you’ve done.  Bring a laptop computer with you (if you have one) to show other technical skills such as building websites or videos.  You could also save your work on a DVD and bring a portable DVD player to show the interviewer your work. The idea is to convey your talents and skills to the interviewer.
  • Dress professionally!!!   I don’t care  if you’re interviewing for a trash collector position.  Think Forward by dressing for the career that you want.    See links below for more tips on preparing for an interview:

Interview Attire (Video)

Interview Tips Video

Sample Interview Questions

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