Regardless of the amount of work experience you have or the level of education that you have, many employers require applicants to include a résumé with the job application. A résumé may also be a requirement for admission to some colleges or trade schools.  Now that you’re in high school, you should begin to develop your résumé.

Below are a few samples/templates that you may use to get started on your résumé.  Once you have started a rough draft, ask a teacher  to look it over; you may email it to me as well.  It is just very important that an adult review your résumé before you begin to hand it out; your résumé should be free of errors and give the reader a good impression.


High school student sample #2 word file

resume sample #3 word file

References List (Sample)

High School Student Resume Samples

Resume builder ( A service of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development)

This is an excellent website that you can use to build your résumé.  The amount of experience or education does not matter.  The steps are easy.   Your first step is to create an account and then follow the step-by-step instructions.  When your résumé is complete, you can post your résumé without your name displayed for employers to see.  If you are a high school senior, I highly recommend that you use this site to build your résumé, for which you will use for potential employers and college applications.

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