Medical Explorers Program

Attention all Wanna-be-Medical Professionals!!!

AtlanticCare Regional Medical Center is accepting applications for the
2015-16 Medical Explorers Program!!

Beginning October, the Medical Explorers Program meets monthly throughout the school year.

The program exposes students to a variety of career opportunities in healthcare by allowing students to observe first-hand the teamwork that takes place throughout the centerThe program offers a supportive mentoring program, including guest speakers who talk about the education, life skills and leadership experience needed for a successful career in healthcare.  This fun and exciting program is FREE!

The topics for this year’s meetings include:

  • EMS
  • Laboratory
  • Imaging Services
  • Surgical Services
  • Respiratory Care
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Nursing
  • Health System Security

Below is the information packet, including the application, which you can also pick up from my office in guidance.  You MUST apply this year and space is limited, so please don’t procrastinate and miss out on this incredible career opportunity.

2015-2016 ARMC Explorer Intro Letter

2015-2016 Atlanticare Explorer Program brochure

2015-2016 Explorer Youth Application

“Think Forward”



U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is currently hiring approximately 1,600 Border Patrol Agents (BPA) by September 30, 2015.  An entry-level BPA job opportunity announcement is currently open on USAJOBS until May 31, 2015 or until 16,500 applications are received.  

We need your help in reaching this goal.  Employees are our best recruiters!  You understand the importance of CBP filling its ranks with individuals who share our core values of vigilance, integrity, and service to country.  Encourage your friends, neighbors, and family members to visit this link to learn more about the occupation that protects our Nation’s borders from terrorism, human and drug smuggling, illegal migration, and agricultural pests while simultaneously facilitating the flow of legitimate travel and trade.

The priority mission of the Border Patrol is preventing terrorists and terrorist weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, from entering the United States. They detect and prevent the illegal entry of aliens into the United States. The Border Patrol helps maintain borders that work ⎼ facilitating the flow of legal immigration and goods while preventing the illegal trafficking of people and contraband.

To ensure the accomplishment of our mission, CBP requires that every employee be reliable, trustworthy, and fit for duty.  To meet these standards, applicants must undergo and successfully pass a thorough background investigation (which includes a polygraph examination), a medical examination, two pre-employment fitness examinations, a drug test, and a structured interview in order to be placed in a BPA position.  Information on how to apply for this career is located on the CBP webpage.

On this website, you will find the following information:

CBP’s Office of Human Resources Management recruits for BPA positions using short-term vacancy announcements throughout the year.  This provides candidates the opportunity to move through the hiring process quickly and efficiently, and facilitates hiring quality candidates to report to the Office of Border Patrol Academy fully prepared to join the proud ranks of BPAs.  Below is the schedule for the Job Announcements for CBP Officers and Border Patrol Agents that will be open throughout 2015.

  CBP Job Announcements for 2015

U.S. Border Patrol Agents May 11 – 31
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers June 26 – July 13
U.S. Border Patrol Agents October 16 – November 2
U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers November 27 – December 14

By spreading the word about our Agency’s upcoming job opportunities, you can help build a better and stronger CBP.


Activities! Door Prizes! College Information!


Luncheon Flyer

9 AM – 12 NOON, ROOM 297

OPEN TO ALL STUDENTS IN GRADES 5-12 AT GEAR UP TARGET SCHOOLS (Atlantic City High School, Pleasantville, Sovereign Avenue, MLK School Complex, Uptown Complex) *Transportation provided

A panel of 10 college students and military personnel from area colleges and universities will offer an innovative presentation to help prepare you for college admission and success.  This is the perfect opportunity to gain insight from current students and college graduates who have found success in their fields.