Updated Scholarship Bulletin

Attention Seniors!

You are now six months away from graduation date.  By now, you should have started sending off college applications.  If you have not, stop procrastinating  and get busy.

+Scholarship Bulletin 1-11-13 The bulletin is also available on the districts web page and in the guidance department.

Please make time to check the list and to apply for the scholarships that you qualify for.  Also, did you know that you can also find scholarships on social networks?

Go to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other social network and type scholarship in the search field.  Take the time to read through the pages, you will be surprised at what you find!

College expenses are more than you realize.  Far beyond tuition you will incur fees for books, meals costs, transportation, and more.  Don’t underestimate the costs, so do what you can now to secure money for tomorrow.