Mahatma Gandhi Art & Writing Contest


I am happy to share news with you about the Mahatma Gandhi Art & Writing Contest!  

The contest is open to ALL Middle and High School students from New Jersey.  Whether you are a budding artist or a writing guru, the contest will give you an opportunity to showcase your skills.  🙂

Cash awards ranging from $50 to $250 will be awarded to the highest rate entries in each category and for both Middle & High School participants.

The deadline to apply is June 15, 2016, so there is plenty of time for you to apply.  For the entry form and contest guidelines, click on the link below.

Mahatma Gandhi Art_Writing_Contest_2016

You can also pick up a copy of the rules and entry form from my office in guidance.

Good luck!!  🙂

Ms. Cain

Scholarship for Writing Majors

Announcing: 2016 Write Rowan, Right Now! Literary Writing Scholarship Contest!

$35,000 in scholarships to three freshmen Writing Arts majors entering in fall 2016

Click here for more details.

Why Writing Arts?

Studying writing arts increases understanding of the multiple facets of written communication. Through a variety of courses and learning experiences in creative, academic, new media and applied writing, students learn to become flexible, adaptable writers, ready to bring advanced writing, reading and critical thinking skills to the workplace.

Our multiple programs include (links are in the sidebar):

• The First-year Writing Program, serving all Rowan students
• For undergraduates:

– 34-credit major, which can also serve as a dual major for Elementary or Early Childhood      Education
– 22-credit minor
– 22-credit Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science option
– 12 credits in the Liberal Studies: Literacy Studies major
• At the graduate level, a Master of Arts in Writing
• An accelerated, five-year BA in Writing Arts/MA in Writing. Applications accepted for entering freshmen or juniors.

As one of the few independent writing departments in the U.S., Writing Arts is uniquely positioned to help you learn to communicate effectively within our dynamic culture. Indeed, we are the only department in the country with the name Writing Arts. Our name reflects the uniqueness of our offerings.

Housed in the College of Communication and Creative Arts at Rowan University, the department boasts award-winning professors who are publishing in a myriad of genres. From online to in print, from novels to nonfiction, from the scholarly to the creative, we are active writers engaging word, text and image in our work.

The Department of Writing Arts was awarded a Certificate of Excellence by the Conference on College Composition and Communication in 2004, the award’s inaugural year.

This article provides a brief look at our major. Produced and maintained by Writing Arts students, this website provides more details about the major and its courses.



Scholarship Bulletin


Have you seen the latest Atlantic City High School Scholarship Bulletin?  Probably not.

Please read through the bulletin; there is a lot of money to be had.  If you are not sure about a listed scholarship, immediately contact your guidance counselor.  I cannot urge, push, encourage, or SHOUT out enough to you how important is for you to apply for scholarships!

There is  no money growing on the trees, shrubs, or grass in your neighborhood (or mine).  Do your parents a favor and do the work.  Do the work?  Yes!  Apply for FREE money for school.

Okay, I know.  You get what I’m saying, so the bulletin is listed below.

+Scholarship Bulletin 04-21-15

Make it a great day! 🙂

Mrs. Cain

Scholarship Bulletin

Hey all!!

Spring Break is around the corner, but that is no excuse to slow down your search for scholarship money.  Below is the link to the updated list.

During the summer you, more like your parents, will start buying supplies for your college dorm and it’s expensive.  Do your part today by take the time to apply for scholarships.  Trust me, your parent/guardian will be happy that you are doing your part to contribute to your college education.

+Scholarship Bulletin 03-26-15

Good luck!  🙂

Scholarship Bulletin

Good Morning!

Here is the latest Scholarship Bulletin.  If your plans include college, please review and apply accordingly.

+Scholarship Bulletin 02-25-15

Have a great day! 🙂

Liberty Museum Selma Contest

Scholarship Information:

Calling all high school students: Martin Luther King, Jr. used his words to change history. How will you use yours? To participate, go tohttp://

Grand prize: $5,000! Contest timeline: December 25, 2014 – January 30, 2015.

Who Can Participate?
The National Liberty Museum’s Selma Speech & Essay Contest is open to US High School students ages 14-18 (as of the January 30, 2015 deadline), who are enrolled in a public, private or parochial high school or home study program in the United States and its territories. After viewing Paramount Pictures film, SELMA, contestants will respond to the Contest topic with an original 500-700 word essay and videotaped speech reading of their essay. For rules:

It all started with a speech:
At the age of 15, a young Martin Luther King, Jr. entered a high school public speaking competition with his submission called, “The Negro and the Constitution.” He was in his junior year, and he won the competition. On the bus ride home, young King and his three companions were told to give up their seats to a white couple who had just boarded the bus, and they stood for several hours on their way back to Atlanta.

It has been widely written that the high school speech Dr. King wrote inspired his “I Have a Dream” oration, since all of the concepts in his competition submission were encapsulated into the historic 1963 speech. There are striking parallels between the two writings. That is the power of words.

Selma Speech & Essay Contest Topic:
“The movie Selma tells the story of how Martin Luther King, Jr. and others peacefully protested to advance voting rights. What do you think needs to be done today to protect individual freedom and self-determination? What are you doing or will you do to peacefully advance those rights?”

Contest Prizes:

*   One grand prize: $5,000
*   First runner up: $2,500
*   Second runner up: $1,000
*   Seven honorable mentions: $500 each
*   $300 cash prize for each teacher/mentor who sponsors a top 10 finalist

Contest Timeline:

*   December 25, 2014, 12:01am EST: Official Opening of Selma Contest & limited release of Selma film
*   January 9, 2015: Wide release in theaters of Selma film
*   January 30, 2015, 11:59pm EST : DEADLINE for submissions
*   March 2015 Winners notified
*   April 20-22, 2015 Award Ceremony held in Philadelphia, PA

The Selma Speech & Essay Contest is made possible through a grant from the John Templeton Foundation and in-kind support of Paramount Pictures.